The image introduces the speaker at the Accessible Europe ICT4ALL and invites to read the background paper on Future of Accessible Audiovisual Media Services, TV and Video ProgrammingThis blog is authored by Dušan Caf, who is the Vice-President of the Institute for Integrated-Inclusive Communications in South-Eastern Europe, Director of the Digitas Institute, elected lecturer in information technology, and expert in tech and public policy. He is also the Programme Director of the international conference »Accessible Future«. 

As an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) consultant, in collaboration with ITU-D and ITU-T focal points for ICT Accessibility, and in coordination with the ITU Office for Europe, Dušan prepared a background paper for the Regional Forum for Europe Accessible Europe: ICTs 4 ALL on »Future of Accessible​ Audiovisual Media Services, TV and Video Programming« (see video). The Regional Forum is jointly organised by the ITU and the European Commission.

Dušan is a founder of the Digital Society Forum, a Slovenian digital think-tank, which connects experts and leaders in addressing the challenges of today’s society. Additionally, it provides a platform for connecting stakeholders from advocacy, academia, and industry dedicated to accessibility that collaborate on creating a more inclusive digital society. 

Dušan served as chairman of the Council of the Agency for Communications Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia, and he chaired the National Electronic Communications Council, appointed by the National Assembly to provide advice and directions on the development of electronic communications in Slovenia. Under his leadership, the national council issued dozens of statements and position papers on key policy issues, including accessibility of television broadcasting and audiovisual media services. He was also an elected member of the Executive Committee of the South-Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance.

He served in senior positions in industry, and he was a member of supervisory boards in industry and in non-governmental organisations. He led digital transformation and corporate strategy projects aimed at organisational growth. He was also in charge of public policy and government affairs, leading cross-organisational teams.

He was a fellow at Faculties of Information Science and Applied Social Studies, fellow at Jožef Stefan Institute and a visiting researcher at Loughborough University. He was also a lecturer in cybersecurity and digital transformation. 

Dušan holds a diploma degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maribor, a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate degree in computer science, both from the University of Ljubljana (from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, respectively) following postgraduate research work in Slovenia and in the United Kingdom.